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Hotel Room Safe

  1. Enhanced LED Display

  2. Audio/Visual Operating Singnals

  3. Opening:Two sets of password operation-4 digit guest password/6-digit master password/6-CEU password(Optional) and override key

  4. Event audit trail(Optional)

  5. Easy Access Battery Panel

  6. Emergency Battery Jumper Box

  7. Secure Pedestal Mounting

  8. Mechanical Fail-Safe Override key

  9. Tamper-Proof Installation Hardware

  10. Inner carpet

  11. Spring loaded door

  12. Fixing holes at bottom and back with screws

  13. Auto secure mode (3 times wrong input of code gets frozen for 15mins)

Hotel Phone

  1. Professionally designed panel with hotel name and logo printed available;

  2. One-touch button(+10  +5  +3  +0);

  3. 14 digits memory;

  4. Dest and wall mountable;

  5. Dual tones electronic ringing;

  6. Thunder-proof and Anti_EMI design;

  7. waterproof and moisture proof;

       8.   Auto re-dial

Hotel Minibar

Cool & Quiet

High performance with superior absorption new technology

Cooling by ammonia , no moving part . no compressor , no fan , no vibration , no noise(0 db) maintenance-free & long life.

Energy Saving Switch

AC 100V-150V,180V/250V       30A
Mifare 13.56mhz Card Type
Only specific roomcard can get power
Name card can not get power